Throughout my career, I have enjoyed teaching structures to architectural students alongside my practice. Structures is essentially engineering for architects – the theory and math behind what holds buildings up.  I am particularly interested in graphic structural analysis, an innovative approach that allows architects to immediately see the structural ramifications of their designs – and the design ramifications of structural requirements.  I have taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Boston Architectural Center. 


For over ten years I have helped teach design studios at MIT, principally alongside Jan Wampler. Jan believes strongly in integrating design studios with other parts of the architectural curriculum so that design does not take place in a vacuum. He brings other educators into the studio to discuss structures, daylighting, HVAC, landscaping, and other issues.

In recent years, students in the studios have been given the assignment to create actual structures under tight limits on materials and time – and then spend the night in them. One recent structure is pictured here.


I taught structures for many years at the Boston Architectural Center, now known as Boston Architectural College.

The BAC is an innovative school where students are engaged in practice with architectural firms in the area at the same time as they undertake their architectural education. It is the only fully acredited architectura school in the country that integrates classroom instruction and practice-based learning into each segment of its programs.


I had the honor of teaching with Ed Allen at the Boston Architectural Center as he introduced a new textbook using an innovative graphic analysis method that allows designers to immediately see the structural implications of their designs. I feel priviledged to consider Ed a friend and mentor.

Ed Allen taught for decades at several architectural schools including MIT and Yale. He is a recipient of the American Institute of Architect’s Topaz Medallion for excellence in architectural education.

Ed is the author of several indispensable architectural books that played a part in the education of nearly every architect in the country, including “The Architect’s Studio Companion”, “Fundamentals of Building Construction”, “Shaping Structures”, and many others.